Support May Day Mobilizing Against Austerity

Solidarity Against Austerity is gearing up for May Day 2013 and we are asking you to be a part of it! With your moral, political, and financial support we will be organizing a day of action and an evening Block Party on May 1st! In light of the concerted attack on public programs and services and on workers’ rights and on the unions that represent them it will be important this May Day to mount a massive show of resistance!

We are also planning a family‐friendly mass mobilization on Saturday, May 4, to bring people into the streets to challenge the Harper austerity agenda. With your financial support we can make these days of resistance happen. Please make cheques payable to the Ottawa CUPE District Council (May Day 2013).

Our governments and their right‐wing, corporate backers are deploying measures of austerity that are undermining workers’ rights, eroding our much valued social and public services, increased criminalization and racialization of our communities, ratcheting‐up colonial and environmentally racist practices against indigenous peoples and lands, and supporting wars that are killing innocent civilians. This May Day we want to come together as divergent communities to stand in solidarity against this attack.

Your financial support will be critical for our success. We are asking for contributions to support the cost to bring on community organizers to help with outreach and mobilizing to ensure that all progressive organizations in our city are taking part.

May Day 2012 was a resounding success thanks to the crucial financial support and participation of the labour movement in Ottawa, with over 2000 union members and community allies protesting outside the Prime Minister’s Office, and another 1000 teachers and supporters rallying at the Premier’s office. May Day 2012 was one of the largest anti‐austerity mobilizations seen so far in Ottawa and with your support we want to do even better this year.

We need financial support to organize a bold, vibrant march and rally on May Day followed by a mass mobilization the following Saturday, May 4, which could include mobilizing buses to Ottawa to challenge Harper.

On May Day, we plan to remind governments of the power we can wield when workers and the unemployed, persons with disabilities, aboriginal and non‐status peoples, persons of colour and queer communities, migrant workers, women, youth, children, students and persons of all faiths come together to demand better! We want to remember the struggles of workers across the world that have fought and continue to fight for fairer wages, better working conditions and equal economic, social, cultural and political opportunities for all.
Please make a generous contribution and support the fight against this attack. Please encourage your members or community to get involved in May Day preparations and to take part.

We are seeking endorsements for the mobilizations, financial support, and – where possible – the contribution of staff time to the organizing efforts. With the escalating attacks on workers and unions, there’s not a moment to waste.

Cheques can be made payable to the Ottawa CUPE District Council (May Day 2013) and mail to:

Ottawa CUPE District Council
251 Bank Street 2nd floor
Ottawa ON
K2P 1X3

Solidarity Against Austerity (SAA), a network of community, student, labour, peace, environmental, and anti‐poverty organizations, which is organizing to stop the cuts to our public services and defend workers’ rights.

You can contact us at and find us online at


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