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Solidarity Against Austerity to rally in support of the ‘No’ side in Sunday’s Greek referendum

Seven years after the 2008 international economic crisis, Greeks are taking the international lead in saying ‘NO’ to the austerity which governments and banks have imposed on their populations to pay for the crisis.   Read the rest of this entry


MAY DAY 2015 Coffeehouse, Open Mic, and Placard Making

WHEN: APRIL 22, 2015, from 18:30 to 21:00

WHERE: 25OneCommunity, 251 Bank St., 2nd floor

WHAT: Join Tito Medina for an open mic event in preparation for May Day. A sound system and microphone will be set up for local musicians to play, so bring your instruments and voices! Tito will also play some of his labour movement music. If you have MP3s of your favourite activist tracks on your devices, we will be able to connect those to the speakers as well!

Materials will be provided to create placards in preparation for May Day! We’ll work together to create signs and banners to ensure our message is seen and heard when we take to the streets on May 1st.

The event space is accessible with elevators which can take attendees to the 2nd floor where 25One is located. An individual may need minor assistance accessing the accessible bathroom within the space as the door is currently broken.

For more info contact:

The noise: Everyone is welcome to attend the annual May Day march against austerity! Bring your noise makers, pots and pans, and drums to ensure that the march is vibrant and loud!


This May Day we demand change


Stephen Harper is trying to pass a new “secret police” law that would give reckless and unnecessary powers to spy agencies with little oversight or accountability. We say no to this brutal police state bill!

SAVE HOME DELIVERYCanada Post belongs to Canadians! It’s not just a mail delivery service; it’s a communications link that connects people across the country. Removing home delivery will disproportionally impact people with limited mobility and cut up to 8,000 jobs.


Ontario’s minimum wage was frozen in March 2010, and inflation has lowered earnings from minimum wage to 19% below the poverty line. Every worker in Canada deserves a living wage, indexed with the cost of living.


Quebec students took a stand for fair tuition and as a result still have the lowest tuition fees in Canada. Education should be accessible to everyone, no matter their financial situation. Post-secondary education is needed for a modern world. A fight to end student debt and for free tuition is a fight we can win.


TransCanada plans to send 130 million litres a day of diluted tar sands bitumen through the city of Ottawa; a pipeline called Energy East. A single spill of bitumen, a thick black mixture that doesn’t float on water, would devastate aquifers and poison our city’s water supply.